Student Ministry

Mature as Disciples of Christ

On Sunday mornings, our students meet on the left side of the theater (opposite where the main services are held). This group is a chance for high school and middle school students to engage with one another, as well as grow in their faith with intentional leaders. Our Sunday lessons act as a way to equip our students with the skills they need to have an abiding relationship with Christ in a relational environment.

In addition to our Sunday morning meetings, our Student Ministry offers events throughout the school year, such as Disciple Now, weekend retreats, and training for our Sports Camp over the summer. We want our students to live out what it means to be a disciple; these events give us a window to model that.

What to Expect

On Sunday mornings we are extremely passionate about meeting the students where they're at spiritually and helping them take next steps. During our group time on Sunday, our leadership team will walk through the Bible with the students at a pace that will challenge them and help them grow. Our team wants to give our students opportunities to share Bible stories with the group and come up with creative and fun games to play on Sunday mornings.

Youth Group

On Thursday evenings, from 6:30 – 9:00 PM, we meet at Hill Country Bible Church of Georgetown's Youth Annex Building (600 Stadium Drive). The first hour is a time for fun, fellowship, and relationships. At 7:30, we move into a time of small groups, which includes a Bible story and some questions related to the story. This allows our students to share the things that are going on in their lives in a safe and relational environment. Our leaders, and volunteers, are faithful to follow up with and walk with the students through the real-life things they face.

For any further questions or inquiries, please email, or give our youth director, Carter Duncan, a call at 713-321-0362.