Reach the Lost

God calls all Christians to reach out to those far from God. River Rock Bible Church exists to connect people to the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ. We take annual trips globally and have adopted an apartment complex in Georgetown as well. There are numerous ways to live on mission. How could you see yourself involved in missions? Who do you live, work and play with that is far from God?

What to Expect

Once you are settled in at River Rock Bible Church, we'd love to help connect you to missions. Locally, this is as simple as thinking about those whom you live, work and play with. You might ask yourself, does this person know God? How could I help introduce them to the reality of Jesus? We then simply encourage you to reach out to that person with God's love, hospitality and service. As we forge new friendships, sharing the Gospel will come more naturally.

In recent years, our church has partnered with Back2Back ministries in Mazatlan, Mexico. We minister to the staff and orphans there spiritually, and with construction projects as well. Whether you are a mission trip pro or have never been before, this trip is one you'll be welcome to participate in.

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