Shepherds Sports

Playing with less to grow more

Why Shepherds Sports?

When you look at youth sports today, it's easy to see how different it is from sandlot style play enjoyed by generations before. High costs, pressure to perform, and taxing time commitments have led a growing number of youth athletes to retire from their games early and not go on to enjoy the physical, emotional, and leadership oriented benefits that sports should be able to provide.

River Rock Bible Church's Shepherds Sports ministry believes that keeping kids in the game keeps them on track towards living fulfilling adult lives. By playing with less so kids can grow more (no uniforms, equipment requirements, or expensive travel), youth athletes will have opportunities to mature by exercising creativity, setting goals to achieve, learning interpersonal skills and developing a love of physical activity for its own sake. By helping them have the heart of a shepherd, we believe they will learn to care for one another through tried and true relational and community building skill sets. Plus, playing with Shepherds Sports is just a whole lot of fun!

Shepherds sports is for kids who want to play, have fun, and grow in character. So, if you have children between the ages of 5 and 13 who are interested in participating in Shepherds Sports, please check out our events page to see if there are any upcoming events, or if you have any questions, want to get more involved with Shepherds Sports, or you just want to learn more about what we do, please email
Shepherds Sports exists to play with less, so kids can grow more.

Local, Low Cost Play

Youth athletes of all incomes can play with no need for expensive uniforms, equipment, and travel.

Focus on Open Play

No set rosters. Youth Athletes manage their own games across multiple sports according to integrity based framework, The Spirit of the Game.

Adult Supported, Youth Athlete Led

Enough structure to provide for a safe and encouraging relational environment youth athletes will have fun and grow in.

Shepherd's Heart

Camps, leagues, and community events that build character in young people to bless their families, neighbors, and peers.