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10:02 am, Every Sunday
City Lights Theater
420 Wolf Ranch Pkwy.

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Welcome home! Come and join us as we all grow into the people God has in mind.

Everyone needs Jesus. At River Rock, we’ve embarked on the journey of knowing God and becoming the people we should be. We think that transformation occurs best within a body of believers. Come this Sunday and take the journey with us. There’s a spot waiting just for you.

Gospel Sharing Resource

Gospel Sharing Resource


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Small Groups - A Home Away From Home

Life is hard. Sometimes it is lonely, too. But, we are not designed to walk alone. Small groups are about relationships; growing our relationships with God and with one another. Our journey with God is supposed to be a journey with good friends.

Find A Place to Serve

There is no one like you. God has designed each of us with unique talents and gifts which can be used to build God’s kingdom and serve our community. We’d love to help you use your gifts in ways that build up the Body of Christ and are fulfilling to you as well. Contact us today to learn more.