Sermons – River Rock Bible Church


  • Hosea

    Join us for a series through the book of Hosea as we see God's faithful love towards unfaithful people.

  • Leftovers

    Holiday meals almost always result in leftovers. It doesn't take long until we are tired of eating leftovers and we're ready for something fresh. Join us as we consider how our relationship with God can be impacted by "leftovers."

  • Twogether

    A series dedicated to restoring and improving spousal relationships God's way.

  • Truth

    Join us for a two-part series through the books of 2 and 3 John as we unpack TRUTH.

  • Stay the Course

    This series describes several guideposts or values which are central to a disciple-making church. Tune in to learn more about the disciple making methodology of Christ.