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Christmas Light

Posted By: Cody Miles On 12/18/19

The birth of Jesus is the single most important event in human history. It’s the catalyst for God’s recreation of the world, and the start of a process that would end with the redemption of humanity. This week, Cody Miles sits down with Mason, Stephen and Charlie to discuss how it could be possible for […]

  • Covenant

    Written By: Cody Miles On 11/18/19

    This week, River Rock Bible Church begins a new series entitled, "For Better or Worse". We

  • Charlie Gave Me a Near Death Experience

    Written By: Cody Miles On 11/06/19

    What do you believe about Heaven? If you’re like me, you’ve allowed your theology of Glory

  • A New Hope

    Written By: Cody Miles On 11/02/19

    Jesus has a method for evangelizing the world, and it focuses on exponential growth. But if I

  • The Method to the Message

    Written By: Cody Miles On 10/25/19

    Who’s a minister? Is it the guy at the pulpit, or is it Ned Flanders ? Is a ministry the