Cody Miles – River Rock Bible Church

This week we dive in to sexual morality, and what it means to live a quiet life. Is sex bad? What does it mean to live quietly? We’re pretty sure the answer will surprise you.

This week, we look at what it means to have true hope and joy. Whether you’re a pastor or a salesman, each of us is called to share our faith and experience the fullness of joy found in connecting and sharing. We hope to learn a little bit from Phoebe, and a whole lot from Paul.

This week, we take a look at what it truly means to walk with Jesus. We dive in to the state of the current American church, as well as seek an answer to the age old question: can we share The Gospel without relationship? It turns out we still have a lot of learning to do.

The birth of Jesus is the single most important event in human history. It’s the catalyst for God’s recreation of the world, and the start of a process that would end with the redemption of humanity. This week, Cody Miles sits down with Mason, Stephen and Charlie to discuss how it could be possible for the fullness of God to exist in a helpless babe. 

This week, River Rock Bible Church begins a new series entitled, “For Better or Worse”. We start by looking at marriage as a covenant. Learn how to fight for each your spouse, not against them.

What do you believe about Heaven? If you’re like me, you’ve allowed your theology of Glory to be defined by Christmas TV specials and Doomsday Televangelists. We’ve got a lot of unlearning to do. This week, Charlie previews an upcoming sermon series that takes a look at Near Death Experiences. It’s an interesting one, for sure. If you’ve ever wondered what a third heaven is, don’t miss this podcast.

Jesus has a method for evangelizing the world, and it focuses on exponential growth. But if I disciple two people, and they disciple two people, it begins to sound a little like a pyramid scheme. Come to find out, it’s more nuanced than that. Charlie, Stephen and Mason join me this week to better understand the pattern for multiplication, and how I can be part of it.

Who’s a minister? Is it the guy at the pulpit, or is it Ned Flanders ? Is a ministry the organized efforts of a 501c3? Is it the banana bread that Mr. Dyer delivers after church? This week, Stephen, Charlie, and Mason — three licensed ministers — try to convince Cody that, he too, has a role in ministry. He just don’t get paid to do it.

This week, we continue discussing Jesus’ method and message in discipleship. Community and, more specifically, relationships, are the foundational quality of life in the new covenant. It is our restored relationship with God that enables us to live a little closer to heaven. Charlie and Mason join me to figure out how to make heaven on earth.

This week, we begin a new series called Share, Connect, Minister and Disciple. we begin with the first S: Share. Sharing the message of Christ includes more than simply sharing information. Jesus modeled a process of discipleship. Mason and Stephen discuss this process and why its important to share more than just knowledge.