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Tell Your Story!

Charlie shares how your personal testimony is a powerful witness. Your story can be contagious!

Jim and Evelyn | Marriage Salvation

Jim and Evelyn share how small things compiled to almost ruin their marriage.

Liner Life Change | Commitment

Listen to the Liner's share how commitment to River Rock Bible Church has changed their lives.

A. Pinkerton - The Significance of Service

Listen to Angela describe how serving has changed her life.

Chris Warren - Church Family

Chris describes how River Rock Bible Church has become a family to him.

Hamstra Marriage Redemption

Check out how Christian community helped save a marriage.

Erica and Lacey Baptism

RRBC July Baptisms 2015

Sanders Community group

Watch as the Sanders share about their community group

Liner Community Group

JT Liner shares how community group has impacted his family's life.